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I seemed to have blocked out the exact day , and even year, - that I was diagnosed with Parkinson's  Disease.  but looking back it must have been around the time I made my first video, " Jim and Patti, the movie", followed immediately by "Happy Birthday Becky".  They did not get the raving reviews as I had anticipated. Patti said it made them cry and Becky didn't  acknowledge my prized video until I asked her several months later if she   received it (yes she got it - thank you very much.

I needed something to keep my mind off of this progressive disease that was eventually going  to ruin my life and drag me into the bowels of hell - so to  speak.

I have always loved photography.    People,  beautiful scenery, actually  photographs  of  just about everything.  I was fortunate to have a mother that never threw  a photograph away and a husband that never threw ANYTHING  away. 

I had hundreds of family photos to work with.   For the next few years I made a video of every family member  and a few friends.   One day my, middle  step-daughter  put me back a notch or two by calling my videos  "nothing more than slide shows".  That hurt my feelings but not enough to keep from producing  those "slide shows".  With some begging I encouraged  friends   to send me pictures to make a video of them.   Most of them did and were pleased with the results.  Then I actually had a few friends that asked me to make videos for  them.

The medication   that I'm on prevents  me from  sleeping  some  nights  so  I  will sit for  hours  thinking. creating and putting  pictures together and  try to  develop a story.           A couple of years ago  I decided to step it up and put videos in my videos - thus the watermarks.  My brother was the first person to criticize the watermarks .   Slowly I have been remaking those videos to eliminate the watermarks.

I know my videos are armature  stuff but I'm 73 years old,  I still have a good mind,   I love to create  and I have a closet full of pictures.  I am having so much fun.  I was a banker for 25 years and that wasn't nearly as much fun, however, I did get a paycheck so that was some compensation.  I guess my secret ambition  is to become the Grandma Moses of videos.

If you would like for me   to make  a video for you please email me at eugesus@aol.com.  I think we could work together and make a Oscar winner,  I would be sincerely honored.